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Introducing The Improv Method-Executive Functioning Through Games:

Learn playful parenting tools through the use of improv comedy. Led by Social and Emotional Learning Specialist and author of The Brain’s Playground, Maja Watkins, Dr. Ali Arena Ed.D, CCC-SLP, BCBA, and trauma specialist, Nicole Moore, M.A., LMFT. This course provides an overview of activities in the form of improv comedy games. These games are not only used for parents to work on goals with their children but also in clinical settings as well as school settings. This course was originally designed for Marriage and Family Therapists but a clear connection was made that this course benefits parents greatly, as well.  

This in-depth and interactive workshop will provide you with the opportunity to diversify your therapeutic toolbox and experience how improv facilitates communication and connection when working with children on executive functioning. 

You’ll be thinking on your feet, developing an improviser’s mindset, and learning actual improv games while laughing and having fun!

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