Gratitude For Caregivers

Learn the art of self-care through a 4-week gratitude practice. 

Why this course?

The Gratitude for Caregivers course is designed to help caregivers learn an effective skill and tool for self-care, gratitude. Over the past few decades researchers in the field of positive psychology have found gratitude to be positively linked to overall health and wellbeing. Engaging in a daily gratitude practice is one of the fastest, most effective ways to relieve stress and develop resilience. 

In this course, participants will engage with brief video modules and create their own gratitude practice using an accompanying 28-day journal/workbook that includes daily prompts, reflections and a real gratitude intervention - Three Good Things. 

The course is designed to be self-paced, carried out over the course of four weeks. Content includes an introduction to the scientific study of gratitude, exploring gratitude through self-awareness and mindfulness, prolonging the positive effects of gratitude to support healing, ideas for daily practice and rituals and real examples from the lives of parents of children with special needs. Participants can request one complimentary coaching session at any time during the course.

Course Lessons

Meet the Teacher

Emily Felt is an accredited life coach with the International Coaching Federation and a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher with nearly 20 years experience working in public health and wellbeing. She has worked as a parent mentor to families of children with disabilities and  is the mother of two amazing children. Her daughter has Prader-Willi Syndrome. 

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