Aug 6 / Anne Fricke

Freya, a poem

By Anne Fricke

We gave her the name of a goddess

to hell with genetics

burn society’s expectation that a person need

all of their 15th chromosome

She follows in the footsteps of divinity.

We gave her the name of a goddess 

the night I thought we would lose her

when she fell so deeply asleep in my arms 

I heard gate bells ringing above

Her body limp, quiet, 

her spirit, still,

We were alone, this frail being and I,

A seasoned mother, new to the complications

Of complications, fluid poured from my body, 

Tears of fear and grief, milk from unlatched breasts,

She was so weak my own body, the body that grew her,

could not revive her

It was Dia de Los Muertos,

the time of Samhain, 

We were at the threshold, 

My daughter could easily have slipped away, 

stepped unnoticed to the other side

She needed a name to call her back!

A name to hold on to, 

She needed us to fortify her 

with the call of heaven, the songs of warriors, 

burrow those ballads into that tiny empty space on her DNA

Fill the missing gap on her chromosome with a name 

so powerful the gods would have to listen, 

Let me keep her longer with me, 

Sing the lullabies of our Gaelic ancestors to grow her roots, 

Carry her amongst the ancient trees of our adopted homeland, 

Sit in the garden and taste the sweetness of fresh, ripe tomatoes,

There was still so much to do together, 

We needed to call her into existence,

Infuse her spirit with the strength of a Warrior Goddess so 

when the world tries to defeat her, when peers turn away, 

when life gets harder, society doesn’t understand her, and 

her life forges down the path of her genetics, 

She will have a warrior’s gait, a goddess’s stride

She will face her challenges as any Deity

of Love and Beauty, Battle and Death can

We gave her the name of a goddess,

She has claimed it as her own. 

About the Author

Anne is the founder of BREATHE, a poet, and mother to three daughters, one of whom has Prader-Willi Syndrome. Much of what she knows about herself, she has learned through writing. You can check out her "Journal Therapy for Parents and Caregivers" course on this website to learn more about it, or watch for any of her live workshops. 

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